Drummer Playback Equipment

home studio equipment

One of the most important components for any serious musician is the sound system they use to play back their music. After weeks or even months of laying down tracks, everything can sound the same in the studio. When they break away from the project for a little while and clear their head, they have to make sure that when they revisit the work, that it comes through as clear as possible. Many times this will take place in their home or office, so their personal system needs to be top notch with no defects or hindrances.

One of the main culprits of perfect sound is dust and hair. Dust and hair strands are attracted to the sound and media equipment because of the electromagnetic field surrounding these components. Most units have small openings in the casing, and small dust particles are drawn right in. The same with any air born hair. Animal owners are known to have to deal with this issue. These particles provide a thin barrier to the sound which can distort it to some degree. While the average listener may not pick up on this, someone who records music for a living will find this cumbersome. They may feel that the song is off, and go back and re-record unnecessarily.

wooden racks

One of the best ways to fight this is to go old school. Go back to wooden racks for all music equipment. For one, it adds a classy look to the room. Wood finishes now come in a variety of finishes and textures, and could even be seen as a new piece of furniture. They let the true sound of the music come through, as they don’t vibrate like metal pieces can. Here is their real benefit. Wooden shelves do not conduct electricity, so they don’t promote the electrostatic charge that the equipment puts out. So, instead of collecting dust and particles gravitating towards your precious sound systems, they just sit right on the wood surface. The wood makes it easy to see the build-up of these intruders, and you can just wipe them clean.

An additional feature is that most wooden systems have storage space to keep all of the accessories you need right in one place. You never have to go fumbling around for your headphones or mike again. The point is, that if you are a serious musician, you want to have the crispest, cleanest sound you can get. I have opened up many components to find that they had huge dust build-up on the inside. This can greatly affect the sound. Think about using wooden storage, and you’ll never second guess your work again.