Practice, Practice, Practice

Do you have a hard time finding time to practice? This is a big problem with a lot of musicians these days. We all live busy lives, and have hectic schedules, and it is really tough to find time during the day to practice music. But one thing you have to remember, is that playing the drums is made up of many different components. There is playing the symbols, the drums themselves, and then the bass drum.You can practice just one component at a time if that is all you have time for. Many students are under the impression that they have to sit for hours in order to call it practice.


On top of the actual physical playing of the drums, there is the strength conditioning necessary to enhance your growth. You can lift small weights to strengthen your arms in about 10 minutes. That will improve your play. So let’s say on a normal day, you don’t have time to sit at the kit for two hours or more. So most new players would you say “oh well, I guess I don’t have time today”. Whereas you can probably find 15 minutes here, a half hour there, where you can squeeze in a little play time. You can take one of your rudiments and play it for 15 minutes straight, and that will have a deep impact on your skill level. If you do this once or twice a day, over the course of an entire month, you will have pieced together a lot of playtime.

good practice time

Before you may have just said forget it, I don’t have time. Now after 30 days, you have pieced together hours of play. And when you do finally sit down for a formal practice, you’ll notice how you have improved since your last one. So practicing where you can fit it in here or there can make a huge difference in your progression as a drummer .