4 Tips for Buying Your First Drumkit

Buying your first drum kit can be an exciting and challenging task. The kits usually have a lot of features and it can quickly become confusing on what is or isn’t right to purchase. To make things easier for you, here are four tips to consider when buying your first drum kit.

  1. Space

A full sized drum kit will take up a lot of space. If you have a limited floor space, an electric drum kit is the best option. It has a smaller footprint when compared to the acoustic drum kit and it can therefore be easily squeezed into a corner. An electric drum kit is also easy to dismantle and assemble; you can put it away after rehearsing and assemble it back when needed. If you have unlimited space, then you can go for the acoustic drum kit.

  1. The Sound

When buying a new drum kit, ensure that you choose a kit that will produce the sound you want. Material, shell depth and shell diameter of the drum greatly affects how the sound will be produced. For example:

An electric drum kit which has an inbuilt metronome:

  • Lets you play along other songs
  • You can adapt and customize your kit whenever you want.
  • You can play hundreds of drum sounds and change the genre at the touch of a button.

An acoustic drum kit is made of different woods e.g.

  • Maple: It provides resonant tones and slightly boosted lows with high & mid frequencies.
  • Mahogany: produces extremely smooth low-end frequencies with soft mids.
  • Birch: It’s great for darker tones. Birch produces boosted high frequencies as well as strong low-end punches.

An acoustic drummer can build up a collection of extras from the wide variety of sounds and kit pieces that are available. You can also swap the drum components as you wish.

  1. Hardware

Most drum kits come with the necessary hardware e.g. cymbal stands, bass pedal, hi-hat & snare stand. Pay extra attention to the snare stand and the throne. A stable and sturdy snare/throne should comfortably support the other parts of the drum set.An unstable and wobbly throne or snare stand can lead to posture-related health problems.

  1. Choose a kit that you can grow with

Like any other instrument, a drum kit is also an investment. Buy the best quality kit that you can afford and ensure that it’s flexible enough for you to grow with it. Choose a kit that will let you grow without the need of spending extra cash while experimenting with new sounds.